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    [RULES]General Rules


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    default [RULES]General Rules

    Post by maijiyeon on Mon Mar 07, 2011 10:21 am

    01. Read all Forums Rules
    Each forum has their own specific set of rules. Please read those before posting.

    02. Post only in English
    Do not post in another language unless you have translations.

    03. No Pornographic Images and/or Sexually Explicit Material
    This forum is opened for all ages, please keep things relatively G-rated.

    04. No Bashing
    Bashing is not allowed anywhere on the forum in any form (posts, threads, profile comments, shouts, etc.). That includes members of Secret, members of MS4, other artists, etc. There is a different between bashing and an opinion. Opinions start with "I think blah and blah" Bashing is a statement that is negative i.e. "They are so and so."

    05. No Spamming
    Take your time on a post and put some thought into the topic. With that said, keep your posts on topic, do not go off topic and blab about something irrelevant. Minimum is 10 words. Anything under 10 words are considered spam. Emoticons do not count as words.

    06. Don't Quote Images
    Quoting images stretches out the page. Simply remove the image bb tags [ ] before quoting replies with pictures.

    07. One Account per Person
    If you would like your username you can contact an administrator to change it for you

    08. ALWAYS Credit
    Crediting is VERY important. Don't steal information that isn't yours. Unless stated otherwise, always credit S4 if you're taking resources out.

    09. Double Posts
    Double posting is allowed only if your last post has been more than 24 hours. If you accidentally posted twice, contact a staff member to take care of the extra post.

    10. NO Sticky Caps
    St!cKy C@p$ are Ann0YiNg rIghT?

    Follow the rules and we'll be happy.


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